Choosing the Barbeque Grill That is Right for You


When nice weather comes around, the scent of some yummy barbeque starts wafting through the neighbourhood. Yep! It is barbeque season. There are different types of barbeque grills that you can choose from, and you can find one that is just right for you.

Charcoal Grill

If you like a smoky or rich mesquite flavour to your food, then a charcoal barbeque grill would be for you. You can choose from many different varieties of charcoal for your barbeque grill. Pressed charcoal briquettes are the standard type available most anywhere. You can generally find these with wood shavings added to give the food flavours like hickory or mesquite. There is also match lighting charcoal you can light without needing to add lighter fluid. Lump charcoal is genuine hardwood pieces that have been charred. This type gives off an intense smoky flavour. Whichever kind you pick, dinner will be delicious. Charcoal barbeque grills are best for the experienced griller as you need to know how to stack and light the charcoal as well as recognise when it is time to put the food on.

Gas Grill

Gas barbeque grills are very popular in this day and age. They are easier to use since the gas heats up the grill right away. It is also convenient since you get multiple uses out of one tank of gas as opposed to one or two uses out of a large bag of charcoal. Since gas barbeque grills are most widely sold, you can find gas barbeque grills with many bells and whistles. Some of the best upgrades are a second grilling shelf, a separate cooking area for side dishes like beans and a grilling tray to grill small things like shrimp. This ensures that the food doesn't fall down to the cracks. Stainless steel gas barbeque grills are absolutely beautiful and will look wonderful in any backyard.

Portable Grills

Portable barbeque grills are a great choice, especially as a secondary barbeque grill. They can be taken to the park or used on a camping trip. Portable gas barbeque grills come with a very small tank, and they can be more useful than a charcoal barbeque grill when camping. This is because you can cook breakfast items like sausage and bacon more easily on a portable gas barbeque grill. Even pancakes can be made on a portable gas barbeque grill. Portable barbeque grills are a great addition to any household.

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20 July 2015

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