Small Bedroom Design: Three Practical Tips for Updating Your Old Wardrobe


If you have a small bedroom and are experiencing clothes storage problems, you should think about replacing or updating your wardrobe. This is the most efficient way to improve your storage and minimise clutter in your room. Under ideal circumstances, you should install a completely new wardrobe that perfectly matches your indoor space. However, purchasing new furniture can be an expensive undertaking. If you would like to improve your storage while reducing your costs, consider using these simple tips to make improvements to your old wardrobe.

7 February 2019

Four Crucial Care Tips for Your Outdoor Concrete Furniture


Concrete furniture (such as outdoor dining tables) is ideal for use in outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios and porches. The popularity of this type of furniture can be attributed to the durability of the material. Concrete furniture is manufactured using concrete which has exceptional strength and resilience. Also, there are diverse designs to consider for your home in terms of shape, colour, patterns and texture. In addition, concrete is a low maintenance construction material.

2 May 2018

Four Fun Ways to Repurpose an Old Mattress With Kids


Disposing of an old sealy mattress isn't always easy. Many charities refuse to take them, and recycling centres often charge money to pick up your old mattress. Luckily, there are fun things you can do with an old mattress. Here are some ideas, particularly if you have kids: 1. Indoor wrestling ring If you have kids with lots of energy who love physical play, consider turning an old mattress into a makeshift wrestling ring.

26 May 2016

Three People Who Need A Custom-Made Designer Bed


Research shows that the right bed can improve your mental and physical health exponentially, which is hardly surprising--after all, you spend about a third of your life in it. For most people, finding a great bed is relatively straightforward--try some out, spend a little money, and look forward to your best sleep ever. It's not that easy for everyone, though; some people need to try a little harder to find the best bed for them.

16 May 2016

Outdoor Furniture | 3 Nifty Steps To Revive Your Teak Outdoor Furniture for Summer Entertaining


The hardness of teak makes it a good choice for outdoor patios because it can withstand natural elements like extreme winds and rain. Teak outdoor furniture can last you a lifetime, especially if you spend a little time taking care of it. Over a period, teak outdoor furniture can lose its shine and turn grey. Don't let this worry you! Some simple revival steps will have your teak outdoor furniture looking good as new –– just in time for your summer barbeque get-together.

30 July 2015

Library Furniture Mistakes You Need to Avoid


There's something magical about libraries - all those books containing wonderful stories and ideas all crammed into one space. Even your local public library has this feeling, although there are some libraries around the world that are truly the stuff of fantasy. Perhaps you have a spare room at home that you've been itching to turn into a library, or perhaps you need to assemble a small library in a community or day care centre.

24 July 2015

How to Choose Perfect Office Fitouts


One of the major duties of corporate facilities managers today is to deliver an office design that serves the needs of the organization and its workers. For most office workers, the majority of their time is spent sitting behind a desk. Since most of their working time is spent in the office, comfort and design plays a big role in their performance and morale.  Careful selection and consideration is therefore necessary when it comes to choosing the perfect office fitouts.

22 July 2015