Library Furniture Mistakes You Need to Avoid


There's something magical about libraries - all those books containing wonderful stories and ideas all crammed into one space. Even your local public library has this feeling, although there are some libraries around the world that are truly the stuff of fantasy. Perhaps you have a spare room at home that you've been itching to turn into a library, or perhaps you need to assemble a small library in a community or day care centre. You have to work to a budget, and yet still want to produce something that is an effective library space. Books aside, it's all about the furniture. So what are some library furniture mistakes you need to avoid?

Be Careful with Secondhand Chairs

It's less of a problem if you're just making a library for your home, but otherwise you need to think twice before buying that second hand armchair. Sure, it might look beautiful, but is it loud?  Old furniture can creak alarmingly, which can be an annoying distraction to other users. It's not a hard and fast rule with older furniture, so before you buy, just sit down and wiggle a bit. Does the chair make noise when you shift your body weight? If so, then forget about it.

A Better Idea: An inexpensive new or secondhand sofa is a smarter choice. The reinforced frame means it won't cry out when you move, and you can also snuggle up comfortably and enjoy a good book.

What About Your Shelves?

Don't be tempted by those galvanised steel shelves that are available at most homeware shops. These are usually used in sheds and garages, and while you can buy enough to cover the wall of any potential library for a very reasonable price, they have significant drawbacks. The edges of these shelves are often quite sharp, so any children who use the library are at risk. The low price is simply not worth it.

A Better Idea: Wood is king! Wooden shelves look better and those made from particleboard are usually not much more expensive than galvanised steel shelves. You could also buy a variety of secondhand shelves, and then sand and paint them for a look that has uniformity but is also stylishly mismatched.

Need Some Working Space?

Individual working desks are a nice touch, but they're often not worth the effort. You need to find however many matching desks and also have the space to configure them so that they offer a truly individual working space. It also adds to the amount of cleaning needed, since you have several more pieces of furniture that require additional attention.

A Better Idea: Go for a communal working space and put a large table in the centre of the space. This can just be a large rectangular dining table. It keeps your setup costs down, and cleaning is far easier. You do away with individual privacy, but most library users will already know to be quiet and respect each other's privacy while working in the space.

Seating, working space, and shelves - that's about all you need for an effective working library (once you have the books). By making the right choices when you're setting up the space, you'll have a brilliant little library that everyone will enjoy.


24 July 2015

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