Three People Who Need A Custom-Made Designer Bed


Research shows that the right bed can improve your mental and physical health exponentially, which is hardly surprising--after all, you spend about a third of your life in it. For most people, finding a great bed is relatively straightforward--try some out, spend a little money, and look forward to your best sleep ever. It's not that easy for everyone, though; some people need to try a little harder to find the best bed for them. For those people, custom-made is often the key.

So just who can benefit most from a bed designed just for them?

Those who love the lifestyle of the big city.

The most cosmopolitan cities in the world--London, New York, Paris--are incredible places to live and work in, but property prices are going up every day, and space is at a premium. This means that those who love the feeling of being in the thick of it need to start thinking of new ways to maximise the space they have available to them, and pull-down beds are a great way to do that. You might have an outdated mental image of a lumpy, uncomfortable thing from a 90s sitcom, but those beds are a thing of the past - the new pull-down sleeping solutions are classy, comfortable and perfectly customised. You can turn any room into a bedroom, and keep yourself or your guests as relaxed and cosy as you'd be in a hotel.

Anyone who is significantly over six feet tall.

Your average double bed is shorter than your average tall person--which can lead to cramped legs, bad backs and all manner of other niggling issues. Kings go all the way up to 6'6", but if you're an in-between height and you don't have an enormous bedroom they can be a pain to find the space for - not to mention the estimated one in ten of the Western population for whom that would still not be long enough. One of the major benefits of a custom-made bed is that it can be precisely the length and width you want it to be, meaning that you'll never have to sleep all scrunched up again.

People who live in unconventional spaces.

Converted lighthouses, medieval cottages and your best friend's loft can all make amazing homes, but they're not always quite the right shape and size for most beds on the market. Or perhaps your bedroom has a nook in it that would be perfect for a sleeping space, but it's just an inch or two out from any of the conventional mattress sizes. If any of this sounds familiar, a custom-made bed could be just the solution you've been waiting for; all you need to do is decide which unconventional little corner you'd like it to be built and measured for.


16 May 2016

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