Four Fun Ways to Repurpose an Old Mattress With Kids


Disposing of an old sealy mattress isn't always easy. Many charities refuse to take them, and recycling centres often charge money to pick up your old mattress. Luckily, there are fun things you can do with an old mattress. Here are some ideas, particularly if you have kids:

1. Indoor wrestling ring

If you have kids with lots of energy who love physical play, consider turning an old mattress into a makeshift wrestling ring. It is a great addition to a playroom or a large den. To create the wrestling mat, cover the mattress with a futon cover. The material is sturdier than most sheets, and the zippers hold the cover in place during intense wrestling sessions.

If you want ropes around your ring, place metal poles at each corner of the bed. Use a wood block as a base so the poles stand. Drill two holes in each pole, and put a trampoline spring in each of them. Then, loop two ropes around the ring, and use the springs to support them. If you want to add some softness to the ropes, cover them with foam insulation used on plumbing pipes.

2. In-ground jumping spot

If you don't have enough room to keep your old mattress inside, consider hauling it outside to make an in-ground jumping spot. Simply dig a shallow hole in your yard, large enough to fit the mattress. Then, pop the mattress inside and cover it all with dirt or rolls of turf. Now, the ground in this spot will be buoyant and fun.

3. Bed porch swing

If your child is more into relaxing than jumping, consider turning an old mattress into a comfortable porch swing. To do this, you will need to make a wooden base large enough to support the mattress. Then screw eyelet hooks into each corner, attach chains and finally attach the chains to hooks in the ceiling of your porch.

When the base of your swing is ready, add softness by throwing your mattress on it. Cover the mattress with a futon cover or fun pair of thick sheets, add railings to the side of the swing if you like, and throw on pillows for extra comfort. Now, your child has a great place to relax, read, draw or just look at the view.

4. Crafty gifts

If your old mattress is too knackered to use, consider pulling it apart and using the materials for projects. The springs in particular can be fun for kids' projects. For example, take a spring, put a foam sphere on the top, and let your child decorate this little spring-body, round-head creature with googly eyes, pieces of felt and other embellishments. Alternatively, let your kid paint some old springs and turn them into candle holders.


26 May 2016

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