Four Crucial Care Tips for Your Outdoor Concrete Furniture


Concrete furniture (such as outdoor dining tables) is ideal for use in outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios and porches. The popularity of this type of furniture can be attributed to the durability of the material. Concrete furniture is manufactured using concrete which has exceptional strength and resilience. Also, there are diverse designs to consider for your home in terms of shape, colour, patterns and texture.

In addition, concrete is a low maintenance construction material. It does not require extensive protection like wood or metal. However, you should not neglect the pieces after installation. You will need to provide some light care to prevent premature deterioration of the structures. Here are some simple upkeep tips to help keep your outdoor concrete furniture in good condition.

Prevent Surface Staining

Concrete is porous; it will absorb liquid spills. Therefore, you must protect your furniture from absorbing staining fluids. Otherwise, the aesthetic value of your outdoor features will decline significantly. You can prevent the staining of your furniture by cleaning the surfaces immediately after a spill occurs. Also, regular light washing will prevent the accumulation of dirt and subsequent discolouration. If your furniture is unsealed, you should look into sealing options for better stain resistance.

Avoid Acidic Products

You should not use harsh acidic cleaning products on your concrete furniture. These types of products will work for commercial reinforced concrete and concrete pools. However, if they are used on lightweight furniture, corrosion and general degradation will occur. Typically, most of the dirt and spills on your home furniture can be cleaned using water and mild soap. If you notice stubborn patches of dirt or stains, you can use diluted household bleach.

Use Low Pressure

It can be tempting to wash your outdoor concrete furniture using a high-pressure power washer. This equipment will allow you to complete the cleaning tasks quickly, and the high pressure water will agitate and remove stains. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of using a power washer on your concrete furniture can be unfavourable. The jets of water propelled against the surfaces will grind the structure of the structures and cause premature wear and subsequent breakdown.

Do Not Drag

Finally, you should avoid dragging your concrete furniture from one position to another after the initial installation. These pieces of furniture will sustain permanent damage due to the mechanical stress exerted during the activity. The cracks and erosions might be difficult to repair. Also, your pavement or garden might be negatively affected by dragging. If you must move your furniture, you should lift the piece from the ground.


2 May 2018

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