Small Bedroom Design: Three Practical Tips for Updating Your Old Wardrobe


If you have a small bedroom and are experiencing clothes storage problems, you should think about replacing or updating your wardrobe. This is the most efficient way to improve your storage and minimise clutter in your room. Under ideal circumstances, you should install a completely new wardrobe that perfectly matches your indoor space. However, purchasing new furniture can be an expensive undertaking. If you would like to improve your storage while reducing your costs, consider using these simple tips to make improvements to your old wardrobe.

Install Sliding Doors

Your small bedroom can feel even smaller if your wardrobe doors swing open outwards. These types of door configurations take up too much space and tend to interfere with movement in the room. If you have been experiencing this challenge, you should think about replacing your old doors with sliding doors. Sliding doors are compact and perfect for a wardrobe in a small bedroom. The doors will slide into one another when opened. So, you will be able to access your clothing without an open door getting in your way. When installing sliding wardrobe doors, you must look for a style that matches your interior design. In addition, the door must fit in perfectly into your wardrobe.

Maximise the Space

If you are having difficulties fitting in all your clothes and other items into your wardrobe, you should think about reconfiguring the storage space in the unit. In simple terms, it is important to redesign the storage solutions in your wardrobe to maximise the space. You can begin by choosing the best storage accessories for your wardrobe. In general, it is advisable to use a mixture of storage options so that you will use the storage to its highest capacity. For instance, you can combine hanging rods, drawers, pull-out baskets and shelves to create the best wardrobe. When installing your storage accessories, ensure that each area can be reached easily to avoid future inconvenience.

Install Wardrobe Mirror

Finally, you should consider the benefits of installing a mirror over your sliding wardrobe doors. Large mirrors are perfect for small bedrooms because they cause the space to look more open and spacious. They can also improve the lighting in the room. Also, installing an attached mirror will eliminate the need for placing another mirror in your room. Simply speaking, you can reduce congestion by using an attached wardrobe mirror. Additionally, you will be able to style your daily outfits conveniently by just standing in front of your updated wardrobe. 


7 February 2019

Furniture to Withstand Kids and Dogs: Buying and Care Tips

Hello, my name is Jules, and, for years, I worked as an interior designer. When I had kids, however, I faced my first truly big challenge. I had to figure out how to stylishly decorate my house without making it uninviting for children. Furniture was a key area where I struggled. I needed furniture strong enough to withstand jumping, bumping and spills from kids, but definitely did not want to turn to couch covers or other banalities. Luckily, I was able to find solutions to my furniture and decor quandary, and now, I want to help you do the same. Most of these tips work both for parents and dog owners. If you want your home to look great but also be able to stand up to the pressures of kids and dogs, please start exploring.