Could a Lift Chair Revolutionise Your Home Life?


Many people like to be fiercely independent and hate the idea of relying on somebody else for their support. They may live by themselves and want to continue doing so but get quite annoyed if anything starts to get in their way. Some of these individuals may struggle to get around due to developing issues with their knees or hips and may even find it difficult to walk up a flight of stairs. In this case, there are certain products available to help make life easier and, crucially, to help maintain that independence. If you're in this situation, have you ever thought about getting a lift chair?

The Answer to Your Problems

A lift chair, as the name implies, is equipped with a mechanism that allows the user to tilt forward and slide into the upward position rather easily. However, it can be quite a lot more than that and is well worth considering for those with moving difficulties.

These items of furniture are equipped with a motor that will raise the chair and can be stopped at any time. With a little practice, you will get used to manoeuvring the chair so that you can gradually sit down and effectively get up whenever you need to. These chairs typically move through a gradual angle rather than straight up or down and can be useful for those with advancing mobility issues.

Day-To-Day Comfort 

If you tend to spend most of your time at home during the day, then you will probably do a lot of sitting in front of the TV. As you devote so many hours to this pastime, it would make sense to buy a chair that is more comfortable and more practical. In this case, you should consider buying a lift chair that is also equipped with a power recliner. This will allow you to tilt backwards, elevate your feet and legs and even take a nap should you wish. Then, when you're ready, the motor will return to the normal position and lift upwards so that you can go to the kitchen and make your favourite cup of coffee.

Bypassing the Stairs

If the stairs are beginning to pose more of a problem, buy a lift chair/recliner with a proper sleep setting. These may come with a built-in head pillow so that you can support your neck and can enjoy your sleep on those days when the stairs are a step too far.

Looking at the Options

Talk with a furniture retailer and have a look at the different lift chairs available. They may be able to help you revolutionise your life.


27 December 2019

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