Why The Upholstery On Your Lift Chair Matters


Getting a lift chair is an exciting prospect for most people who use them because they offer so much more mobility and safety than traditional recliners. They also allow you the ability to fully rest on them, as you would nap on your own bed. While most people are most concerned with how far back the lift chair can go, how easy it is to operate and how long it will last, many forget one of the basic fundamentals: the material of the exterior. The material used can play a big role in how easy your lift chair is to use, so you need to consider which type is right for you between the two main options.


Leather is perhaps the most common material on lift chairs because it provides a luxurious feel, is well known on similar but different recliner chairs and it looks beautiful. The issue with leather is that it can be quite slippery or unstable for the most fragile of lift chair users, so if you or your loved one falls into this category you might want to think of another option. If you use faux leather it is also liable to crack after the heavy usage that most lift chairs experience.


Fabric lift chairs provide a lot more grip and less slide than leather, in addition to being quite plush and comfortable. The issue with fabric lift chairs is that although they are more grippy for you to get in and out, the material that allows this to happen also gets far more easily stained. Fabric coverings can be replaced or, in some instances, taken off and washed, but it is essential you know that fabric does have its own drawbacks, just as leather. Fabric is also more liable to wear down quicker but, as mentioned before, it is relatively easy to re-upholster fabric chairs.

Which Should You Choose?

Your choice should come down to two main factors: what you really, desperately need out of a lift chair and what your favourite material is. If the safety and security of getting in and out of the chair are of utmost importance, then fabric chairs are probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you or your loved one is more likely to be messy or hard to clean up after in a lift chair then leather is a great alternative. If neither issue is the deciding factor or if they do not affect you personally then it simply matters what your favourite is. 

Reach out to a lift chair supplier in your area for more information.


23 February 2021

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