Why Sit-To-Stand Recliners Are Becoming A Mainstay Of Many Homes Across Australia


There are many iconic features of the average Australian household that you have likely seen and grown up around, from the certain types of frosted plastic cups that were popular in the 1990s to the old brick facades that were famous much earlier than that. However, there are new pieces of iconography added to the average Aussie home every year, and one of those is the humble sit-to-stand recliner chair. Here are a few reasons why these chairs are becoming far more common and when you should start thinking about one for yourself or your family member. 

Aging Population

One of the main reasons why sit-to-stand chairs are becoming so much more visible and necessary is simple: Australia has an aging population. More and more people are entering retirement age and beyond than ever before, with the percentage of people 65 and older virtually doubling since 1970, and that number is only predicted to rise in the coming decades. A lot of these aging Aussies realise that if they want their quality of life to remain relatively good, they need to make small adjustments to their routine. Sit-to-stand chairs are a simple solution to what could otherwise be quite a dangerous problem for those who are getting on in their years. 

Simple Problems Fixed With Ease

It might sound very silly, but in the past, quite a lot of older people would get severely injured while trying to get into, or get out of, their favourite chair. This very easy maneuver for younger people becomes much more difficult once you get older because your sense of balance gets worse and your bones and muscles become much stiffer. The easy solution to this is to remove that transition completely, by giving you a chair that lifts you up and takes you down, and this simple device has saved countless broken bones, hospital visits and even quite a few lives.

When To Consider Getting One

The easy answer to knowing when you need a sit-to-stand recliner chair is simple: if you are thinking about it or tossing it up then you probably already need one. It is better to get one earlier rather than later so that you can get used to its functionalities. They are also extremely comfortable and often have a much higher overall build quality than your average recliner would anyway. In many cases, you can also get government assistance in purchasing one, as it can be considered a required aid for older Australians. 

Reach out to a retailer of sit-to-stand chairs to learn more.


21 October 2022

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